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    What an incredible and unfortunate set of circumstances we are currently facing all around the world. Nature is revolting and wants us to listen. As the temperature of the earth rise we are exposed to ever more devastating events and consequences. We all should realize that these events are the emotional equivalent to a war and should have an equivalent response.

    But for now circumstances and recovering from the hurricane in St. Maarten will not allow for programs and events that are not directly related to recovery. With that in mind The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation reluctantly and with great sadness will, for the time being, cancel its St. Maarten International Coral Summit.

    We will however, now refocus our humanitarian and conservation efforts by being part of a program in the Cook Islands. Our partner Ocean Guardian’s 213’ cutter will be outfitted to deliver a program that brings ocean clean up and plastic removal from the ocean, medical, dental, engineering, fishing regulation enforcement and a coral reef and coastal conservation plan to all 14 islands in the Cook Islands.

    We are developing a mobile application for citizen scientists to report coral, environmental and waste management observations to be viewed on our GIS visualization base map for viewing on our GIS base map.

    For the next three months i will be looking for technical research assistants with drone operations, gis and image acquisition, survey knowledge, and diving with underwater camera experience to join our Cook Island Program.

    We will be identifying a series of transects around each island identifying marine life and coral along each transect, as we will survey each of the 14 islands for the previous material. We will also be identifying how and where sewage treatment is located and share how an island friendly technology would result in better water quality which has health implications for both island residents and coral reefs. Other land based threats will be identified like sediment and agricultural runoff. All of which can be monitored using drone and satellite imagery creating a base line for a complete operational picture now and well into the future.

    We anticipate the cutter to leave from San Diego/Washington in approximately three months and sail to the Cooks for a three-four month program.

    If interested in this once in a life time adventure see the attached document and contact Vic Ferguson, at www.wfcrc.org and get me your resume.

    Vic Ferguson
    Executive Director
    The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation