2018-20 – Moldova, Rehabilitation of National Road R13


    2018-20 – Moldova, Rehabilitation of National road R13
    Road project. Upgrade. The road R13 Balti - Floresti - M2 provides the link between Balti and Floresti and also provides connections between the M14 and M2 national roads. M2 road goes towards Soroca and Ukraine / Russia / Belarus.

    2018-20 – Moldova, Rehabilitation of National road R13.png

    Demand estimation from IDEA II-EaP transport model year 2030
    Technical description
    • Length: 40 km
    • Number of Lanes: 2 lanes road
    • Number of bridges: 8 bridges

    The project is included in the Transport and Logistic Strategy for 2013-2022 approved by Government Decision at 27.10.2013 nr. 827.

    Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova
    Investment amount
    Total estimated project cost is 30 mln Euro.
    Implementation schedule
    2018-2020. Construction time 2 years.
    Feasibility study and project documentation was elaborated in 2012 and needs update to 2016 prices. The project is ready for implementation.
    Expected impacts on transport, environment, social, other
    Implementation of this project will attract international traffic, improve travel costs reduction, increase safety, save travel time and contribute to re-balancing transport modes.



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