2013-22 - National road R1 Chisinau - Ungheni - Sculeni - Romania Border. Construction of Ungheni Bridge over Prut River


    2013-22 - National road R1 Chisinau - Ungheni - Sculeni - Romania Border. Construction of Ungheni Bridge over Prut River
    Road project. New construction. The project is located on the national road R1, Chisinau - Ungheni - Sculeni - Romania border.

    2013-22 - Moldova, National road R1 Chisinau-Ungheni-Sculeni-Romania Border.png

    Demand estimation from IDEA II-EaP transport model year 2030
    • Freight: 1.200 tonnes/day
    • Passengers: n.a.
    Technical description
    4 lanes. The project is a priority  of Moldova and  Romanian Governments.The objective is included in Law no. 363/2006 on National Spatial Plan of Romania as priority, and is placed on the national road R1Chisinau-Ungheni-Sculeni-border with Romania, included in the priority program of road rehabilitation from the Strategy of Transport and Logistics for 2013 -2022 elaborated by the Government in 2013.
    Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure
    Investment amount
    35 mln. EUR. FIRR - 15,5%. The investment will return in 12,7 years.
    Implementation schedule
    A feasibility study for the bridge construction was planned to be elaborated by Romanian part during 2014.
    Expected impacts on transport, environment, social, other

    The bridge will intercept the traffic volumes from Central Moldova and Eastern Romania as regional traffic, and international transit traffic to / from the EU. Construction of the bridge will lead to diversion of traffic from R1 (the bridge Sculeni), due of the better road condition, shorter distance and higher travel speed.


    The construction works of the bridge will facilitate trade, transport, industry, and tourism development and strengthen access to agricultural markets inthe region and will be a prerequisite for securing transportation connections between the country's north and its center regions, Romania and EU countries; will also provide for the employment of significant numbers of the population and thereby stimulate the local economies.


    Environmental impacts: The project requires a comprehensive analysis of the impact on the environment, due to location of the bridge in the Prut river meadow. After implementation of the project the traveled distance will decrease and the traffic flow speed will increase. This would contribute to reduce traffic congestion and to reduce auto-exhaust emission. Avoiding transit traffic crossing villages will significantly reduce noise.

    Source of Funding
    The project is proposed to be financed by the IFI.
    • TRACECA project fiche



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