MDTF SUD Progress Report FY 2017

    The Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Sustainable Urban Development (MDTF SUD) supports cutting-edge research and analytics through its Spatial Development of Cities and Economic Performance of African Cities programs. These analytics feed into country and city-level diagnostics, such as Urbanization Reviews and city policy notes, which in turn inform country policy dialogues and investment priorities and design.


    Highlights of FY 2017 include:


    • COVER.jpgThe Spatial Development of Cities research program released the flagship report Africa’s Cities: Opening Doors to the World, a seminal work in the context of urbanization of Sub-Saharan cities, for the relevance of its findings and its reach.


    • The Economic Performance of African Cities project progressed significantly in its first full year, with two detailed city reports completed, two near completion, and learning exchange programs implemented. Some of the key findings and recommendations from the reports have already influenced the plans and projects of the target city administrations.


    • Three Urbanization Reviews were completed for Afghanistan, Argentina and the Philippines with funding from the MDTF SUD.


    • 17 grants totaling over US$4.5 million have been made to operationalize recommendations in previous Urbanization Reviews. To date, these 17 grants have helped prepare or design ten projects totaling over US$1.5 billion in IBRD/IDA investments, including US$1 billion approved during the past year and more than US$2 billion projects in the pipeline.



    • Over 25 research papers were completed through the Spatial program and its partnership with LSE and Oxford University.


    Based at World Bank headquarters in Washington, the MDTF SUD is a partnership of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), the UK Department for International Development, the Government of Norway and the World Bank.