Newsletter Dec 2017: Dar es Salaam, winning awards for its BRT efforts, moves TOD project forward with recent workshop

    The Dar es Salaam BRT and TOD planning projects are continuing to progress, showing how the city could grow in a sustainable way, and what that would mean for future quality of life.  The city already has a good start to create a foundation of rapid transit, and based on a successful first year of operation, Dar es Salaam's BRT, the first in East Africa, was awarded the Sustainable Transport Award from ITDP.


    However, much more is underway. As part of the city's Metropolitan Development Project (DMDP), comprehensive corridor planning is underway along the city's first BRT line, supported by the World Bank and the Nordic Development Fund. Through this process, the city aims to address the major congestion problems that have arisen after years of informal fast growth, and spur economic transformation. At the same time, the project acknowledges that as economic activities increase, existing communities and the greater public must also benefit from the resultant gains.


    The project has recently completed its Phase 1 of the Corridor Development Scheme here, where the team looked at the socio-economic/real estate baseline, natural environment, urban planning, transport and mobility, and infrastructure. Through this analysis, the team created different station area typologies: CBD stations in the city center, district centers, service centers, a few gateways, and many transit neighborhoods. Workshops with the key stakeholders confirmed the importance of managing the corridor’s congestion, and expressed a desire to improve the quality of the commercial shops. In Phase 2, the team will take these inputs and formulate detailed proposals for the corridor, including urban planning and design guidelines, pilot implementation approaches, and possible business models for attracting private financing.


    See more information in this October blog post.