Newsletter Dec 2017: Resources available on OneDrive and C4D

    The TOD CoP has two primary document databases, full of useful resources and examples of how TOD is implemented, through studies, concept design, presentations, and other planning activities. However, they have different focuses:


    • The OneDrive shared folder is an internal warehouse of Terms of Reference, project updates, and other documents on the mechanics of these TOD projects. Documents with access restrictions are placed in this database.
    • The C4D collaborative website is a platform and database of resources, with reports, public TORs, presentations, and news articles. Where possible, we try to place most documents in C4D for ease of sharing with the broader TOD community of practice.


    If you have TOD project documents you would like to share, please email John or Gunes ( and , and note any access restrictions they may have. We aim to spread the best of the community’s knowledge as widely as possible, so others can benefit.





    World Bank CoP members can use OneDrive internal resource database




    To better share good practice terms of reference and other internal documents from the Bank’s TOD projects, we have reorganized and relaunched the TOD CoP’s OneDrive folder. Here, you can find our TOD projects organized by region, with all documents that we have in their project folder. We have reviewed these available documents, and have placed the best examples for each in the “Good Practices” folder.


    Please see the OneDrive linked here.


    (If you have any access problems, please email John and Gunes.)





    C4D collects best resources from TOD community experts, so people can refer to them in other ongoing work


    To better share good practice project reports and other highlights, we have been working on the C4D site recently to make it more intuitive and easier to use. We are also aiming to update the site with more frequent news updates, blog posts, and other content.