Newsletter Dec 2017: Lima integrated TOD project releases interim report on corridor planning for Metro Line 2

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    In Lima, an expanding metro network is newly linking neighborhoods with commercial centers, providing consistent travel times without congestion. For Metro Line 2, the network will be connecting outlying residential areas in the east to the commercial heart of the city. Through the ongoing TOD project being sponsored by the World Bank, planners are also exploring ways to reshape the urban form to be more transit-oriented, focusing on a few nodes where transformation can happen. The draft report identifies specific parcels for development, and recommends urban design and public space changes, as well as  financing arrangements/options.


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    In the recently released interim report, recommendations highlighted the importance around multi-modal transit operations and seamless connections between modes around future stations. With proactive planning, these can be cohesive districts that leverage vertical spaces to create new public spaces and sunken bus connections. The importance for good infrastructure design is key to increase the value of land around these stations.



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    For more information, please refer to the draft report and presentation released earlier this year.