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    In conjunction with Blue Front and March for the Ocean (M4O) and all of our partners like Mission Blue, Global Island Partnerships, Biri Initiative, Underpressure Sports, UN Sustainable Development Goals, et. al. are developing the March for the Ocean (M4O) at John Pennenkamp Coral Reef State Park on June 9, 2018. Diverse Stake Holders will come together to support strategies to reduce the impacts of derelict fishing gear to marine and coastal environments by collecting, identifying, and logging derelict fishing gear and debris collected by a diver based group of diverse stake holders who will have a chance to sign petitions to have their voice heard on how our ocean resources are administered to. Other activities will include a beach cleanup with identification and logging of debris. The events will be captured by digital land based cameras which will be made available to all via social network outlets. The days activates will conclude with the screening of “Chasing Coral” and The BBC “Blue Planet” and discussions.

    In order for us to complete this event at John Pennenkamp Coral Reef State Park in Florida and comply with The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation we need to have letters of acknowledgement to be in compliant. The letters of acknowledgment need to be on company or organization letter head simply stating that the proposed event has merit and is a worthwhile effort to help sustain coastal habitats now and in the future. Time frame is short and we need these letter of acknowledgment no later than Monday the 16th.


    Your assistance is of great importance to the success of this event, thank you so much for your effort. Please send scanned letters to

    Thank You
    Vic Ferguson
    Executive Director
    The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation



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