Schneider Electric - BipBop Innovation focus - April 2013


    Access to modern energy not only improves the quality of life of low-income populations, but also facilitates access to healthcare, education and development through entrepreneurship. Access to energy is now internationally recognized to be a basic need and means for development of worldwide populations. To that end, Ban Ki- Moon, the United Nations Secretary-General, declared 2014-2024 as the International decade of Sustainable Energy for All.

    In this context of international concern, Schneider Electric has a role to play. The Group launched in 2009 the BipBop programme – which stands for Business, Innovation and People at the Base of the Pyramid – to promote clean access to energy worldwide. Business, Innovation, and People, respectively, provide investments to SMEs, create markets to deploy dedicated offers, and support adequate training.

    The following presentation describes how Schneider Electric designed a dedicated portfolio of products and solutions and deploys them through adequate business models. It also highlights the synergies between the energy and telecom industries as a lever for increased access to energy for the people who need it the most.




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