Antigua and Barbuda Open Data Readiness Assessment - June 2013

    Antigua and Barbuda is in a position to move forward quickly with an Open Data initiative. In doing so, it would not only lead the Caribbean in the supply of Open Data but it could also use its first-mover advantage to harness the skills and enthusiasm of people throughout the region to generate data applications which would benefit Antigua and Barbuda. In addition, existing modernization and digitization programs already underway for financial and other process would make it possible for Antigua and Barbuda to be in the top class globally in Open Data for government transparency- particularly if financial transaction data were to be released.
    Since the data is already centralized and digitized there would be no technical difficulty in doing so. In addition to reputational and transparency benefits,
    an Open Data program could lead to greater business efficiency and competitiveness in Antigua and Barbuda, both in absolute terms and relative to
    other countries in the region, in key areas such as tourism and foreign inward investment, and to community engagement in addressing public service
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