Participation in the community activities via email in 3 steps

    1. Create By Email

    Under “Action” box on the right side, click under “Create by Email” and follow the prompts.

    Immediately you will see a box pop up asking you the content type you want to create. You may choose to create documents, blogs, discussions and announcements. Once you have checked the selected content type (or all of them)  make sure you click on the “Email vCards” box before clicking “Done”.


    2. Creating Email Addresses via Vcards

    In your email Inbox open a new Message from Collaboration 4 Development administrator.

    You can click on a hyperlink related to a specific content type and this will automatically create a new email with pre-populated email address specific to your community and to the selected content type. You just add a title of the document to the “Subject” field of your email and the text of the document to the body of the email.


    You can also add these email addresses to your email address book by clicking on the attachment and saving it. After that you can create a new email Message and Type the first part of the community name. The associated addresses will display and select the appropriate one to create content by email.  Note: vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards. Vcards are attached to e-mail messages and usually contain name and address information, phone numbers, e-mail, URL etc.


    3. Responding to incoming emails

    If you selected option “Receive email notifications” in the Action menu, every time somebody posts a document or a post in the discussion forum you will receive an email with this content. If you reply from your email, your comments to the document or discussion post will be automatically posted in your community.