Seoul Global Lab on Metropolitan Strategic Planning, Closed Sessions, April 30

    Closed Sessions

    Venue: Seoul Institute

    Wednesday, April 30


    7:30                Depart hotel to event venue

    8:30-8:40        Welcoming Remarks

                                  • Chang Hyun Lee, President of Seoul Institute

    <Urban Systems #1>
    City e-Government


    Description: Integrated Smart Urban Management (iSUM) using ICT for accountability, efficiency and better service.



    Moderator:           Baasanjav Sanjaa, Mayor’s Office, Ulaanbaatar (TBC)

    Discussants:        Hyoung Gun Wang, Senior Economist, World Bank  

                                  Nicolas Ronderos, Director, Regional Planning Association, NYC

    Rapporteur:          Eun Joo Allison YI, World Bank

    Presentations (10’-15’ each)

    1. Seoul: e-Government toward Smart City: Sang Ok Choi, Professor, Korea University; Jong Geum Kim, Director of Information System Planning, SMG

    2. WB-WeGO: WB-WeGO city e-Government toolkit: Suzin Ahn, Secretariat of WeGO
    3. Dar es Salaam: Towards e government - the case of Dar : Hon Yusuf Mwenda, Mayor, Kinondoni Municipal Council
    4. Ulaanbaatar

    9:40-10:10         Discussion, questions and answers


    10:00-10:30       Coffee break


    <Policy Session #2>
    Metropolitan Economy


    Description: Metropolitan economic development and restructuring – from planning to implementation



    Moderator:                Sung-Soo Choi, Senior Advisor, KRIHS

    Discussants:            Uma Adusumilli, Chief Planner, Mumbai, India
                                       Andre Bald, Sr. Urban Specialist, World Bank

    Rapporteur:              Parul Agarwala, World Bank

    Presentations (15’ each)

    1. Paris: Andre Durbec, International Vice-president of the competiveness cluster Advancity (Sustainable City), Paris

    2. Accra: Samuel Aryee, Director of Finance, City of Accra
    3. Ulaanbaatar
    4. Bandung:
    5. Seoul: Beonwook Kim, Senior Research Fellow, Incheon Development Institute; Sangdae Lee, Director, Gyeongi Research Institute


    12:00-12:30      Discussion, questions and answers


    12:30-13:30      Lunch hosted by the President of Seoul Institute


        <Urban Systems #2>
    Inter-Jurisdictional Coordination


    Description: Examples of inter-jurisdictional coordination and governance at a metropolitan level



    Moderator:        Julie Nouvion, Member of the Paris Region Parliament

    Discussants:     Hon Mayor Jerry Silaa, Mayor Ilala Municipal Council
                               Peter Ellis, Lead Urban Specialist, World Bank

    Rapporteur:      Augustin Maria , World Bank

    Presentations (10’-15’ each)

    1. Paris: Bertrand Lemoine, Director of Research, National Centre for Scientific Research
    2. Dar el Salaam: Institution setup in Dar es Salaam: Hon Jerry Silaa, Mayor, Ilala Municipal Council
    3. Nairobi: Eng Kinyua Wamugunda, Assistant Country Engineer, and Nairobi Metropolitan Services Improvement Project Liason Officer
    4. Seoul, Case 1: Woonsoo Kim, Senior Research Fellow, Seoul Institute
    5. Seoul, Case 2: Metropolitan Governance - Administration and Finance: Hyeonho Kim, Director of Regional Development, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements

    15:10-15:40      Discussion, questions and answers


    15:40-16:00      Coffee break


    <Policy Session #3>
    Urban Think-Tanks


    Description: The role and function of urban think-tanks in planning and policy implementation



    Moderator:         Yeong Hee Jang, Vice President, Seoul Institute

    Discussants:      Peter Ellis, Lead Urban Specialist, World Bank
                                Bat-Erdene Batzolboo (TBC), Economic Development Agency, Ulaanbaatar

    Rapporteur:       Sangmoo Kim, World Bank

    Presentations (15’ each)

    1. KRIHS: Jincheol Jo, Research Fellow, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements
    2. Guadalajara: Luis Felipe Siqueiros, Technical Director, Guadalajara 2020

    3. Seoul Institute: Inhee Kim, Director of Planning and Coordination
    4. GRI: Taekyung Kim, Research Fellow, Gyeongi Research Institute
    5. RPA: Nicolas Ronderos, Director, Regional Planning Association, NYC

    17:30-18:00      Discussion, questions and answers


    18:10                Move to dinner site via bus

    18:30-20:30      Dinner hosted by the President of KRIHS

    20:30                Back to hotel