Seoul Global Lab on Metropolitan Strategic Planning, May 1

    Thursday, May 1


    8:10           Depart hotel to event venue


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    Metropolitan Water and Waste Management


    Description: Examples of sustainable water supply, sewage treatment, and solid waste management



    Moderator:          Ellen Hamilton, Lead Urban Specialist, World Bank

    Discussants:       Kapsoo Kim, Nairobi,

    Rapporteur:        Eun Joo Allison Yi, World Bank

    Presentations (10’-15’ each)

    1. Nairobi: Isaac Muraya (Deputy Director, Department of Environment)
    2. Bandung:
    3. Ulaanbaatar:

    9:30-9:45      Coffee break



    Presentations (15’ each)

    4. Seoul, Water: Historical Experience-Water Management: Yeoung Jun Choi, Director of Bureau of R&D for Water, Waterworks Research Institute

    Seoul, Water Management.pdf
    5. Seoul, Waste: Smart Waste Management: From Waste to Resource: Jae Min Song, Professor, University of Seoul

    10:20-10:50      Discussion, questions and answers


    11:00-12:00      Panel discussion on takeaways and next steps by region

    Moderator:      Victor, Lead Urban Specialist, World Bank

                             . EAP: Bandung, Ulaanbaatar and Ellen Hamilton
                             . SAR: Mumbai, Karachi and Peter Ellis
                             . AFR: Accra, Addis Ababa, Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Roger Gorham
                             . LAC: Brazil, Mexico and Victor Vergara
                             . WRD: Barcelona, Paris, RPA and Sameh Wahba

    12:00-12:15      Wrap-up and closing remarks

                             • Sameh Wahba, Acting Director, the World Bank
                             • Yeonsik Yoo, Director General, International Relations Bureau, SMG
                             • Jeongho Moon, Director General, Global Development Partnership Center, KRIHS

    12:20                Walk to farewell lunch site


    12:30-14:00      Farewell lunch hosted by the World Bank