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    Incubating Innovation for Rural Electrification

    Target Audience: The target audience for this CoP will be the following: private, public and non-governmental sectors’ actors working in the fields of investment and finance, mobile telecommunication, energy and/or rural electrification.

    Description: The objective of this platform is to facilitate mutual learning and collaboration on innovative business models and technologies for private sector led rural electrification.

    Tags: climate_change, knowledge, energy, innovation, telecommunications, finance, power, grid, off-grid, mobile_telephony, renewable_energy, rural_electrification, mini-grid, solar_energy, business_models

    #Members: 783

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    Russia ECFS

    Target Audience: experts and practitioners in food security.

    Description: Join the World Bank and ECFS space to establish and support a network of specialists interested in food security.

    Tags: cecfs, russia, food_security

    #Members: 85


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    Clean Stove Initiative

    Target Audience: Practitioners and experts in clean cooking and heating solutions.

    Description: This forum aims to share best practices and collaborative knowledge on clean cooking and heating solutions around the world.

    Tags: eae, energy access, energy;, energy_extractives, enr, environment, environmental health, hnp, policy, safeguards, sustainability, technology.

    Members: 89


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    Caribbean Open DRI Community

    Target Audience: Practitioners and IT experts from the Caribbean region.

    Description: This forum aims to bring GIS practitioners and IT professionals from the Caribbean region to discuss open-source data management, including geospatial data, GIS infrastructure, data-sharing and metadata policies, education, training and technical requirements across the entire region.

    Members: 122


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    Community of Practice for Municipal Finance Practitioners


    Target Audience:  Municipal practitioners and professionals working on municipal finance.

    Description: This community brings together municipal practitioners with common challenges and interests, seeking to explore more effective ways of working, identifying common solutions, and sharing good practice and ideas. This practice of a shared set of frameworks, ideas, tools, information, stories and documents will serve as a body of knowledge from which members can draw.

    Tags: city_creditworthiness_academy, climate_resilient, creditworthiness, finance, infrastructure, investment, low_carbon, municipal, ppiaf, snta, sub_national

    #Members: 243


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    Gender and Energy

    Target Audience: Practitioners and experts in the field of gender equality and energy issues.

    Description: This forum is a collaborative space to discuss, learn and explore the linkages between gender equality and the energy sector. This space aims to bring together in an interactive platform practitioners from around the World to share experiences, emerging tools, available resources, and knowledge on Gender Equality and Energy.

    Tags: change, climate, cookstoves, eae, efficiency, electricity, energy, energy_extractives, gen, gender, infrastructure, renewable

    #Members: 58


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