Safer Schools for Safer Education

Visibility: Open to anyone issue no. 111, May 2014:

    Schools and Education cannot be separated. Nor their safety.


    Children spend the major part of their day at schools. Therefore, any concerted effort to enhance the resilience of children to disasters must focus on making schools safer from the adverse impact of disasters. This issue of focuses on the key policies, strategies and practices related to the important theme of school safety.


    Apart from important policies related to school safety and child welfare in disaster situations, this issue also consists of the experiences and lessons learnt by organizations that are involved with school safety campaign in India and beyond. Engagingly written and meticulously researched, this issue seeks to underscore the role of school safety for the overall development of children. A must read for all interested in this important area.


    The 111th issue of is titled ‘Safeguarding Schools: Safer Schools for Safer Education’ content includes:

    i. A Lesson from Child Centered Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction

    ii. Exploring Adolescence in Our Changing World

    iii. Disasters Make a Child Choose the Path of Crime: A Case

    iv. Building up Community Resilience through Mock Drills: BSDMA Leads

    v. ASDMA's Gender Sensitive Approach

    vi. Challenge Toward School Safety

    vii. Children and Holi Risks

    viii. Safety in School for Child Welfare

    ix. Steps Toward School Safety Initiative

    x. AIDMI’s Suggestions for Key Area 4 of HFA2

    xi. The Role of NHAZCA in Reducing Risks form Natural Hazards

    xii. Disasters and Emergencies NEWS

    xiii. Recent Publications on Child Safety


    The contributions from Mihir R. Bhatt with AIDMI Team; Amit Prakash and Anand Bijeta; Jayanta Hazarika; Mukul Kumar; and Paolo Mazzanti.



    Children, Disaster Risk, Risk Resilience, Education and School Safety, Gender, Adolescence, HFA2, Natural Hazards