2013/12/03 BTOR OLADE conference, Dominican Republic

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    From: Francisco J. Sucre/Person/World Bank

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    Date: 12/03/2013 11:51 AM

    Subject: BTOR participation in OLADE's VII Regional Energy Integration Conference

    473-5479  SEGOM

    From November 25 to 27 I attended a conference called  VII Regional Energy Integration Forum.  The conference marked  the 40th anniversary of OLADE (Latin

    America Energy Organization). During the event I gave a presentation (attached below) related to SEGOM, Natural Gas in LAC and Energy Integration.  The event

    was inaugurated by several high level representatives: the Executive Director of the National Energy Commission of the Dominican Republic, Lic. Enrique Ramírez

    and the Executive Secretary of the Latin American Energy Organization, OLADE, Dr. Victorio Oxilia. The forum’s objective was to promote the exchange of

    experiences, reflections and technical discussion on lessons learned, progress, challenges and achievements in the energy sector in Latin America and the


    During the conference different themes were addressed, these included: the evolution of the integration process from the perspective of financial institutions; lessons learned and challenges - integration experiences in the area of hydrocarbons in Latin America and the Caribbean, identification and discussion on new technologies in renewable energy integration projects in Latin America and the Caribbean; dissemination on aspects related to legal, regulatory and commercial matters of energy integration in the region, and consideration for  new proposals for the future of integration between the sub-regions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    During the event I met with Fernando Cesar Ferreira, Director of Integration, and discussed the proposed South-South cooperation between OLADE and APPA (African Petroluem Producers' Association). The collaboration is mainly to take advantage of OLADE's experience in Virtual Energy Training Program (CAPEV) for capacity building of its member countries. Other potential cooperation may include: devising efficient and transparent petroleum revenue and expenditure management;  and promotion of investment in Africa by South America in energy sectors for harnessing hydrocarbons, petrochemicals and renewable energy resources; and exploring possibility for development of common energy strategy. As a result of the meeting, it was agreed that there will be a teleconference to discuss how will the collaboration be coordinated. Potentially, it was agreed, a

    few representatives from APPA will travel to Ecuador, Quito early on next year, to get a first hand exposure of the CAPEV program and to discuss other potential areas of cooperation. Mr. Ferreira mentioned that they will be very interested in extending ties with APPA and said that OLADE has resources to send staff to meet with representatives from APPA.

    Immediate next step: seek approval of South-South funds, and organize teleconference with OLADE.

    (See attached file: LAC Slides for OLADEv1.pptx)

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