GECoP Guidelines



    Participants must:


    1. Display good community etiquette by respecting other thoughts and perspectives;
    2. Foster community relevance by supporting interaction and collaborative approach;
    3. Promote diversity and open mindedness;
    4. Use appropriate language, avoiding abusive or aggressive wording;
    5. Inform the community owners or moderators in case of inaccurate information;
    6. Not use the CoP as a forum to discuss personal issues;
    7. Keep your personal account updated (inactive accounts may be administratively gently deleted).


    Please be on topic


    1. When you are making a contribution, your argument has to pertain to the GECoP‘s main theme i.e., the nexus between gender and energy (Discussions not pertaining to the GECoP´s subject will be gently deleted).


    Contributions not respecting these guidelines and GECoP etiquette will be gently deleted by the CoP owners/moderators.