Microgrids Missing from the UN's Sustainable Energy for All Iinitiative July 2014.pdf

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    This article argues that a particular technical solution (or a set of solutions) is missing in the overall goal toward 100% global electrification. What is needed are optimized microgrids that automatically track loads and choose generation sources to meet them at the lowest cost. Solar Home Systems (SHS) and equivalents are only an interim solution; there is no alternative to robust, industrial-grade microgrids of say 1 MW (or less) capacity that are scalable, economical, and replicable. I propose India take the lead, with the newly chosen minister, Piyush Goyal, making the necessary investments. It appears unlikely that the multinational suppliers to the electricity industry of today will address this vexing problem that afflicts only the emerging markets. While SE4ALL - with UN and the WB - is all very well for highlighting the need, will it drive toward a solution? Good intentions and drum beating are not enough; this is a technical problem of optimization, modeling, and field trials that needs focus and technical leadership. The budget required is also modest.