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City Climate Planner Certificate Program

CITIES ACCOUNT FOR TWO THIRDS OF THE WORLD’S OVERALL ENERGY CONSUMPTION and about 70% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. With urban populations booming, city-level climate planning is more important than ever. The choices cities make today around managing emissions and preparing for climate change will impact their economic health and resilience in the long term. To help cities address climate-related challenges, the City Climate Planner Certificate Program (CCP) is launching a training course on city-scale GHG emission inventories. This pilot training will introduce participants to the process of developing a city- or community-scale emissions inventory that can be used as the foundation of a city’s climate action plan. Following the training, participants will have the opportunity to take a professional certificate examination in the summer of 2016 and become credentialed GHG Emission Inventory Specialists.

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