For those of you interested in the OpenDataKit (ODK) and how it integrates with app engine for the creation and distribution of forms to mobile devices for the capturing of georeferenced data,

here are some useful links i thought i would share with everyone...


The ODK link makes mention of the need to have the Oracle version of java installed and for setting the JAVA_HOME correctly,

the following guide will lead you through that process... I recommend you start from here.

How to Install Oracle Java on Ubuntu Linux: 18 steps - wikiHow


The following link is for the step by step guide on how to install your own ODK aggregate server.


Open Data Kit » Tomcat Install



Anyone run into some networking issues, these are valuable links:

networking - How to setup static IP in Ubuntu Server 12.04? - Ask Ubuntu


I'm using a virtualized Ubuntu 12.04 x64 server for this isntallation and doing so on Virtual Box as my Virtual Machine Host.

Remember to set the network adapter to "Bridged Adapter" instead of NAT to have your server accessible from within your local area network.

If you forgot to change this and the server is already installed, you will run into problems with networking when you make the switch.

The following took me a while to find and it explains what happens when one changes to bridged mode and if you change the MAC Address

of a virtual machine and what you have to do to bring it back up.. It works so take a look if you run into this issue... • View topic - [SOLVED]Missing eth0 in Ubuntu guest


As soon as Allen and I have come to find a good method of collecting the data and integrating it with geonode, I shall post the

procedures here also.