Dear participants to the PPIAF City Creditworthiness Academy, Korea, 2014:


We are looking forward to meeting you in Seoul, South Korea during April 21-26, 2014. In preparation of your attendance to this training event, we request you to download the following materials:

1. Pre-Arrival Packet (Final V2)

2. Agenda (2014-4-16)



3. (a) New Self Assessment Tool (Attached Below).  You may have already begun completing the Assessment Tool.  If you have, excellent, as this was preparatory Self Assessment for the main event!  Please use the EVENT ONLY tool only during the event and as directed by the PPIAF experts (i.e. do not complete sections unless directed).  One EVENT ONLY Self Assessment tool should be completed per municipality.



3. (b) Self Assessment User Guide - this is in addition to the help you will recieve at the event.


Thank you,

John Probyn