Dear Friends, sharing with you the agenda (attached) for a Municipal PPP Forum to be held in Dubai between Apr 7-8, 2014. The Forum is organized by the World Bank Group's private sector arm, i.e. the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and sponsored by the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility's (PPIAF) Sub-National Technical Assistance Program (SNTA). The objective of the two-day Forum is to provide an opportunity for senior policymakers, investors, lenders, advisors, and other experts to discuss municipal service delivery through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). This will include a specific focus on energyefficiency projects, including street lighting as well as the solid waste sector, from collections to final disposal and will also include discussions on successful Municipal PPPs globally. The Forum will bring together delegates at the federal and municipal level from across the Middle-East and North Africa region, as well as two delegates from Kampala, Uganda.

As part of this Forum, I will have the privilege to lead a session on Municipal Creditworthiness. The session will cover the underpinnings of positive credit ratings for sub-nationals, the rationale for pursuing strengthened creditworthiness, examples of sub-sovereign transactions/programs that achieved investment grade ratings, the links with IFC's services, and in general the link between strengthened financial management/performance and increased private sector investments.

The Forum will also be an opportunity to engage with sub-national attendees for their potential participation to our online community of practice, as well as to our City Creditworthiness Initiative. I promise I will include a slide to direct participants to this site!


Rest assured I will share the presentations and any other material during and after the Forum.


April 8 update: here's the link to my presentation. Further presentations to be uploaded as soon as they become available.