The World Bank's City Creditworthiness Team is organizing a conference call this week (Wednesday, November 12, 9am Washington-time) to engage with partners/stakeholders who may want to collaborate on the design/delivery of our next City Creditworthiness Academy, scheduled for end January in Bogota', Colombia (organized in close collaboration with FINDETER, the Colombian Development Bank). Invited participants to the call will be the IDB, UN-HABITAT, C40 Network, Rockefeller Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, IFC, AFD, SECO, USAID, US State Dptm, UNEP, private sector representatives, etc. Below is the agenda for the call. Please send me an email if you wish to join and to receive the dial-in coordinates.


Agenda for the call:


a)    Introduction by all participants, including brief description of their engagement with Colombian cities;

b)    5-minute presentation on the City Creditworthiness Initiative;

c)    5-minute description of the City Creditworthiness Academy to be held in Bogota’ (end-January);

d)    Open discussion on opportunities for collaboration: Academy design/delivery/sponsorship, post-Academy technical assistance programs.

e)    Agreement on next-steps.