First, we trained a selected group of our staff to work on the field to collect the required data. Then we looked for some volunteers to help our staff. We trained those volunteers. Then we divided them into different groups and decided the suitable time to do our work. We started our work and allocated certain time to do the job. The team with the help of the Municipality Development and Investment Unit started analyzing the data. We announced it to the public. We made public hearings to discuss the results we got. And with the partnership of our local community we priortized the needs and the projects. We did our feasibilities studies to the suggested projects. Then we served to our central government to finance or help have funding or grants from here or there. Keeping in mind we from the beginning asked representatives of the central government to take part in every stage of the work. We succeeded by the help of the Ministry Of Municipal Affairs to find donors. We presented our projects that have been agreed upon by the Municipality Council, the community, the other elected entities in the community and the Government. The donors come. After several meetings and field visits, they agreed to offer us funding. And we took the procedures to start our work and we get our projects into reality. This is what we did in Deir Alla Municipality.