In order to have strong and able municipalities in Jordan, then a number of decisions should be made. Firstly, there must be a stability in legislation (the municipal law have been amended several times the last few years which is a vague). There must be an upgraded and modernized municipal law which have to be agreed upon by all the stakeholders. Secondly, applying a new budget building techniques which indicate accurate status but expenditures linked to financial performance and self revenues. Thirdly, applying some type of autonomy but might be to certain purposes under monitoring, evaluating, and accounting if a misleading decision is taken. Fourthly, applying developed financial and accounting legislation and technologies. Fifthly, revising tax, fees, and tariffs in order to upgrade and computerize this process to insure equality among population which must be then linked to allocated periods for citizens to fulfill their financial obligations to the municipality. Sixth, the central government money transfer must be timed and scheduled which in all circumstances must not be delayed after September of the year. Seventh, stop asking loans if revenues can not meet the required target. Eighth, stop providing services haphazardly as the services must be agreed upon with the community but putting them a table of priorities. The local community should play a key role in helping the municipality recovering. Ninth, promote the approximate advantages of your city to attract investors who must have facilities to decide to come to your municipality rather than others.