When we look for finance (loans) it is not always clear that a credit rating is required and matched and even the municipality most often do not realize this attitude. Loans mostly are requested to offer certain services without studying the financial status as municipalities look for the satisfaction of the voters. So Mayors ignore that side and made all efforts to get more loans for services and they keep always say (we need more and more debts and the ones who come after with government manage the situation but I want to satisfy my people at the moment) which is not true. Even the people look at the Mayor who brings more loans despite the deficit of the municipality as a hero. You see how things are. It is a crazy thinking. Such thinking makes things get worse and worse. However, it is a common responsibility of the Central Government and the Municipality to stop such unlogic procedures. And new policies should be applied to reach the target of credit rating in our municipalities and it is not far away but need efforts and patience. It is likely to happen if we start the first step.