Today the report “Competitive Cities for Jobs and Growth: What, Who, and How” was presented in Washington DC. The report was prepared by the World Bank Group with funding from the Competitive Industries and Innovation Program (CIIP).

The report highlights the role of Cities in facilitating the growth of jobs, productivity and incomes through four main categories of intervention: through the role of their institutions and the implementation of their regulations, through new and improved infrastructures and the provision of land, by investing in skills and innovation and by providing the enterprises with support and finance.

Competitive cities.JPG

During the launching of the report, the City of Kigali was mentioned as an example of a city that is growing faster than its national economy. This has been achieved over the past years with important general and specific reforms and substantial investments in strategic sectors. In particular, Kigali has successfully invested in the tourism sector, with the niche market of the Gorillas Trekking, in the construction of modern conference facilities, with the development of the Kigali Convention Complex, and in people skills by becoming a bilingual country where both French and English are widely spoken.

You can find the details of the event in the link below and the full report attached to this post.