About 15 employees of the Finance Secretariat and the Local Governance Secretariat of the City of Porto Alegre participated on Tuesday, 27, in the sharing session of the World Bank's Creditworthiness Academy. Coordinated by the deputy chief resilience officer of the Porto Alegre Resilient Project, Patrick Fontes, the training was aimed at municipal technicians working in the administrative, financial and planning sectors with the objective of sharing the knowledge about developing capacities in the search for private investments in urban infrastructure.The training was also attended by the Secretary of Local Governance, Cezar Busatto.


"The growth of cities will require large amounts of resources to meet the growing demand for urban infrastructure. And for Porto Alegre is no different. Therefore, qualifying the management of municipal finances and exploring ways to create more value from the assets and the urban territory is fundamental to guarantee the economic sustainability of the municipality and attract more investments to the city. The World Bank and the Rockefeller Foundation are partners in these challenges by making available to Porto Alegre knowledge and tools to make this possible, "said Fontes.


Source: Servidores da Secretaria da Fazenda participam de treinamento do Banco Mundial – Porto Alegre Resiliente