The Community-Driven Development (CDD) Global Solutions Group (GSG) and the GSURR Global Programs Unit held a Core Course on CDD from December 7 to 8 as part of the GSG’s strategy to develop the CDD talent pool within the Bank. Helping to develop the next generation of Bank staff to lead and work on CDD projects is a priority of the GSG especially as the World Bank seeks to ramp up its operations in fragile and conflict-affected situations, where CDD is often used as an early engagement strategy.


Held in conjunction with the GSURR Forum’s Learning Week, the two-day training event helped sensitize participants to core CDD principles and design considerations and build the unique technical and operational skills needed for CDD through a combination of presentations, case studies, and exercises, as well as through interactions with several senior staff members who lead CDD operations worldwide. Topics included key design considerations, community mobilization and the sub-project cycle, citizen engagement, fiduciary principles and considerations, monitoring and implementation support, and emerging issues and contexts in CDD.


Leveraging the presence of many field staff who were attending the GSURR forum, the Core Course fielded participants and speakers from the World Bank’s many country offices, including Indonesia, Myanmar, Vanuatu, Mongolia, the Philippines, and Uganda. Reflecting CDD’s cross-cutting nature, the 25 course participants hailed from units across the Bank including social development, urban development, agriculture, social protection and labor, fragility and conflict, disaster risk management, and strategy and operations support.


Participants rated the course highly, scoring the overall course an average of 6.25 out of a maximum of 7 points—or a very good/excellent rating—in a post-course evaluation.


“Really useful overall,” wrote one participant in their post-course evaluation. “Very responsive to participant feedback – well done!”


“An excellent two-day introduction to CDD,” wrote another.


The CDD GSG thanks the many CDD program design and implementation experts — Nikolas Myint, Maria (Malu) Loreto Padua, Nicolas Perrin, Kalesh Kumar, Moses Wasike, Kyung Min In, Markus Kostner, Ed Bresnyan, Evi Hermirasari, and Dea Widyastuty — who generously shared their technical expertise and specific project experiences with course participants. The GSG also notes with special thanks the course facilitator, Colum Garrity, of the GSURR Knowledge and Learning team.


The course was designed and implemented by the CDD GSG, which offers support and resources to the community of CDD practitioners, and the GSURR Global Programs Unit. To view course materials, click here. To learn more about other CDD related resources, or to join the GSG, please contact us at