Visit the Renewable Energy Project Resource Center (REPRC), designed to help project managers, clients and practitioners to design and implement renewable energy projects around the world. The REPRC brings together working level project documents such as:

  • sample terms of reference (TOR)
  • sample legal documents
  • sample surveys and questionnaires
  • examples of economic and financial analysis
  • project case studies


We need your help to grow the pool of documents!


The RE Project Resource Center is hosted on Energypedia’s open wiki-based platform, allowing registered users (you can register here!) to add new documents, comment and contribute to the shared body of knowledge.


Note for WBG staff: WBG documents can be sent directly to Almudena Mateos Merino or Barbara Ungari and we’ll take care of uploading them and ensure they are in line with the Bank’s Access to Information and Information Classification Control policies.