With the multiple pressures to deliver private sector co-financing, we are hearing different solutions.


What is however needed, is an understanding of investment process and incentives behind investments.


Investment goes where value is. You invest your savings in a house you think already has, or will raise in, value.


Therefore creating value is first and foremost task in attracting investments to nature. Choice of a financial instruments (to channel this value to the market) comes second. You can use debt, e.g. bonds (green, blue, or multicolor), or equity, or combination thereof. However very often the focus of people around me is on the financial instruments. I jokingly call it "green bonds euphoria" and remind myself of a mortgage crush in 2008, when managers overlook the actual value of the houses they were banking on.



How do we create value in natural resources? E.g. in fisheries?


Here is an article that refers to it, using Walmart and GEF money, and Rare expertise.


Impact Investment Fund Marks First Close of $10 million for Sustainable Coastal Fisheries


How do you see creating value in the field you work in?