I have been working on a plan to advocate in favor of people who need some help understanding what democracy is like...  Have you ever walked in mountains above 12,000 feet?  How many times have you flown over 20,000 feet tall mountains?  I need some help from my friends to put together an up-to-date SDG exhibit in Palm Desert, California on November 4?    Interested, love to hear answers to any questions posed below:


My question of the day is how to rev up a campaign collaborating with UNHCR in Cox Bazaar, Bangladesh.    What kind of interventions are required to address the issue of Rohingya in Bangladesh?



  1. 1.    How many of Rohingya are there in Bangladesh
  2. 2.    What is the contribution of Bangladesh government and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina towards Rohingya?
  3. 3.    How many of them are children?
  4. 4.    How many women are there?
  5. 5.    What is the national policy on refugee?
  6. 6.    How can the issue impact the Rohingya children in future?
  7. 7.    What is there education policy?
  8. 8.    What is the total area of Bangladesh?
  9. 9.    What is the population in Bangladesh?
  10. 10.What is the short-term requirement of Rohingya?
  11. 11.What is the long-term requirement of Rohingya?
  12. 12.What is the impact on environment in Bangladesh?
  13. 13.What kind of threat can they pose to national and community security?
  14. 14.What is the potential risk associated with Rohingya in terms of social, political and economic impact on Bangladesh?
  15. 15.What are the challenges for Bangladesh to deal with the issue of Rohingya?
  16. 16.What kind of skill do they have?
  17. 17.What can be the impact on international peace if the Rohingya are not reintegrated?