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The City Climate Planner Program launched on October 19th, 2017 and the Urban GHG Inventory Specialist Credential exam is now publicly available. Link to press release: New Program Launched to Advance Local Climate Initiatives in Cities Worldwide.


The City Climate Planner Program is an initiative of the World Bank and global partners to train and certify local-level climate professionals in several key areas of climate planning. The program is now being led by the Green Business Certification Institute, ICLEI and World Resources Institute, and thus this Collaboration for Development site for the program will be closing soon - by end of this year.


The City Climate Planner Program’s first professional certification is the Urban GHG Inventory Specialist Credential, which focuses on GHG emission inventories and has a special emphasis on the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Emission Inventories (GPC) – a standard for city-scale inventories that is endorsed by major international bodies and city networks. The application to take this first credential is now available online.


To learn more about the City Climate Planner Program, eligibility requirement, in-person training, online resources, and to sign up to take the Urban GHG Inventory Specialist exam, please go to (http://cityclimateplanner.org/). Please feel free to contact the program here (http://cityclimateplanner.org/contact) with any further inquiries.


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