Dear Urban Transport C4D Members,


Below is a message I received from a UT CoP member, Padam Maharjan, describing plans for a bus fleet expansion project in Kathmandu.  Recommendations of reputable bus suppliers and approximate costs are requested - if anyone has contacts with any providers, or can offer other assistance, please contact either myself or Padam Maharjan.  Thank you very much.


Here is the message:


"Greetings from Sajha Yatayat, Lalitpur Nepal ( Kathmandu ). We are a Urban

Public Bus Transport Operator established since 1961/62 with some

disruption in last ten years. It is revived now and operating 16 big buses

with 55 seats on two main trunk road in Kathmandu.


It is sustainable but would be better financially if we could increase

fleet to provide frequent services and increase revenue with almost same

management cost and also trying to minimize leakage & also request Paxs to

take tickets while paying.


At this juncture we also intend to serve paxs with a semi low floor buses (

about 65o mm floor height ) of about 11 m seating of 44 in 2 X 2 with

diesel engine at the front. Request to proved the name of suppliers and its

approximate cost for budgetary purpose for a basic module.


Thanking you. Best regards.


Padam Lall Maharjan

Executive Officer

Sajha Yatayat, Lalitpur, Nepal"