Source: Devex



Scores of local politicians, city planners, transportation officials and development professionals gathered at the World Bank’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Thursday to engage with one-another on a topic central to sustainable development — transportation in cities.

Building sustainable and climate friendly transportation systems in the world’s cities will be fundamental to reaching the climate goals laid out by last year’s climate agreement in Paris.

Speaking on stage during the kick off of the two-day Transforming Transportation conference, President and CEO of the World Resources Institute Andrew Steer said that moving away from cities centered on cars to cities centered around people is the sort of “disruptive” change necessary to tackle the climate problems of today.

Cities are like volcanoes that need to be covered, said Toni Lindau, director for Brazil at WRI’s Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, adding that while cities make up only 3 percent of the earth’s surface, they contribute to 70 percent of emissions.