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About the Global Partnership on Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda


so many concepts were logged up - of which mine were by no means best - but in spite of the 2015 tag the leadership moderation seemed to end a few months ago - I dont quite understand- are any of the ideas still being treated as living?

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Trillion Dollar Audit - Youth's Most Productive Purposes Sector by Sector

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CCDC Background- for over a year now a group of us have been debating how to bring a collaborative student chapter to Washington DC of Conscious Capitalism. CC exists in 20 cities ariound the world for citizens to debate how do you sustain growth of that place's next generation. Viewed as the top's epicentre of lobbying, DC is one of the most conflicted youth capitals on the planet. So here's where our thinking has reached - help us to make it even edgier and more collaborative and...




Which will be Youth's 10 Most Popular Brands of Next 10 Years

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I am excited to help debate the goal of World Bank's Jim KIm to make youth job creating netwirks and summits one of the 2 defining social movements of the net generation along with #2030now (end poverty) If I am right, we dont know any of these top 10 youth brands yet They wont be made famous by tv advertising which has been used to hollow out communities by owning global chanels that edge out local community-owned markets . You can see this in the greatest revolution to development...










Can we end late 20th C separation of economics and peace

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To economists either side of world war 2 it was "obvious" that the compound system designs of peace and economics lead each other. Read for example Keynes General Theory. Ditto to systems mathematicians such as Einstein and Von Neumann. My father, who spent his last days as a teenager navigating airplanes in world war 2 over modern day Bangladesh, took Keynes viewpoint into 40 years of mediating global viewspoints at The Economist. His 1984 book on the coming net generation invited...





Social Movement - Twin Youth Jobs Expos Capitals More Valuable Than Olympics

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We are inviting youth entrepreneur networks, open education curriculum designers and alumni of The Economist's Entrepreneurial Revolution to share research -and innovate processes -  for this movement. To date it's clearest invitations -searched - have come from the Atlanta Nobel Youth Summit Collaboration Nov 2015 and the briefings of Jim Kim including the 30 minute transcripts shared with 50000 youth at the CTW MOOC...



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