SheIs is a project with the potential to generate social impact. It was born from the opportunity to integrate all of the social stakeholders that seek innovative solutions for their community through the empowerment of women. SheIs is not necessarily an activist movement, but seeks for gender equality without diminishing the work of men, because we are all equally imperfect and equally wonderful. Regarding this, we could refer to a short definition of feminism: “The belief that men and women must have equal conditions”, especially taking into account the theory of political, economic and social equality between the genders.

SheIs the one who walks, thinks, creates dreams, inspires illusions and improves lives− which I think is a good definition of empowerment of women in our communities. If we talk about women, then we should talk about social innovation, because it would be the perfect mix and a potential combination that would have a multiplier effect in development of our countries. In this sense, all of the new ideas, products and practices that are being generated can become a great opportunity for social change in different areas such as: Climate Change, Poverty, Education, Infrastructure, Information, Technologies, even the new modalities in Financing, Human Rights, among others, which have been true catalysts in gender equality and therefore, development. SheIs is the representation of gender equality that will have a bigger impact in poverty reduction if we use innovative models adapted to our time. What it is truly important here is not the word, but the idea and the ambition that it represents. SheIs = Empowerment of Women + Social Innovation.

This project is the result of going from theory to practice, to discover hundreds of initiatives, to inform and contribute with reflections, experiences and content developed by the unrestful minds of all of us who work to improve the world,. SheIs  is the result of my own experience. I want to let women know, especially you who are reading right now, that  there is no doubt that SheIs will promote a sustainable culture, build bridges between people and  integrate lives through  the momentum of an agenda that combines the capacities of both public and private sector. SheIs the one that understands the international experiences in social innovation with the purpose of achieving future initiatives in the region with a complete approach. SheIs the one who recognizes the potential of the communities of strategic allies and agents of change.

I invite all of you to believe, challenge yourself to do things and connect with others because technology gives us the opportunity to become the main actors and become social entrepreneurships who are able of changing the world.  SheIs is the one who has to face important challenges of exploring models of empowerment of women with social innovation.  SheIs is also the one inviting you to create changes. SheIs is welcoming you to her community to reduce the information gap and reach different regions. SheIs is a girl, a young woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a grandmother and a wife who is next to him to work together on building the reciprocity which fosters equality. SheIs is the one who has a normal life; SheIs is tackling issues about the relation between vulnerability and responsibility, between dependency and responsibility and between the big things and the small things.

SheIs is the one supporting this movement and project to humanize and change lives.