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    Who in DC is interested in understanding POP framework common to partners in health and Pope Francis

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      POP= Preferential Option Poor ; PIH = Partners in Health

      I would like to (start to) understand this before I go to (Catholic) University this September


      Here are some elements that would help me understand, but equally I am looking for advice on how people my age can understand enough of this idea to collaborate in its movement as far as #2030now (world bank vision since 2012) or 2015 year of transforming to sustainability is concerned (UN vision since 2014).


      1) What is POP? Particularly in valuing  a Practice such as health service (collaboratively built from next to nothing in cases of poorest)


      version 0 - four stages of POP

      1.01 living with poor to share world class service knowhow - both to solve or cure and as "development" over time to transfer as much local capacity as humanly networkable

      1.02 while practising also analysing what failed systems are trapping the species of poverty locally rampant

      1.03 empowering inter-generational transformation (eg between parents, community/society and their offspring)  -impact =  sustainable end to the broken systems combination

      1.04 linking in dynamic trust of the net generation to appreciating the sin or responsibility for not doing all of the above increases as technology increases


      Please note if you feel I have got wording (of Paul Farmer) wrong or missed a step- suggest how to edit above


      1a) What are key references to POP

      Longer list below but I start with


      many people say that Peruvian Gutierrez has been the main diarist of POP since it emerged in South Americas of the late 1960s in countries like Peru and Colombia. Analytically Peru is second only to Haiti in network development of  PIH"s partners.



      For many years, it was Peruvian catholic church that gave Paul Farmer his lodging in Boston

      In the mid 1990s it was Peru which became Jim Kim's main lab for ending outbreaks of multidrug resistant tuberculosis- this took PIH to a new level as a network concerned with global social value of health because of the infections interactions of HIV and TB. Without PIH's POP culture human sustainability in the world of 2014 would have been even more devalued by Ebola than it has been


      It is arguable, though we would need a theologian to appraise this, that POP is a modern translation of what Saint Francis started in 1208 with both male and female networks of practice out of Assisi


      It will be interesting -at least for people of my age -  to observe on 24 September whether any transformation of Congress is empowered by the interaction of Pope Francis and those supporting millennials sustainability


      It is not my intention to make this a DC only discussion. If you can suggest ways youth in other capitals can collaborate around this search please link in