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    Open Street Map (OSM) in the Caribbean

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      OpenStreetMap (OSM) is an open-source mapping tool that has created the largest citizen-based repositry for spatial data that is public and can be used to collect, share and manage data for purposes of physical plannning, emergency preparedness, and decision-making to reduce local and nationl disaster risk.  It is easily integrated into other mapping software, allowing you to layer its data in GeoNode or download shapefiles for ArcGIS.


      Dr. Nama Budhathoki's presentation from Kathmandu, Nepal showed the success from years of work to map the city's most vulnerable areas.  He shared the time and energy and opportunities to captivate his friends, neighbors to begin mapping; and years later has created a team of people to address data gaps to improve disaster risk management in Nepal.  They continue to host local mapping parties and presented the first steps to kick-off.


      We would like to thank Dr. Nama again, but invite you all to share your view and experience with OSM in the Caribbean.


      • What resources do you need to begin in the Caribbean region?
      • What are some of the limitations you might face?
      • Have you already used OSM and hosted a mapping party?
      • How do you think OSM would be valuable to your job responsibilities?
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          Through the rest of this year I am working with a team that is helping municipalities in Belize prepare Municipal Development Plans.  These municipalities do not have mapping experience and have not, to date, included spatial planning in their work.  The presentation was useful to me because it provided some insights into how data could be developed for these municipalities and for the wider public.  I believe it will require a champion in each municipality to make it happen.  I tried to print some walking paper from the site that was identified but without much success.  Any advice on preparing and printing walking paper would be helpful