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    Video & Resources: S-S Regional Virtual Exchange-Featuring GeoNode for emergency preparedness

    C4D Master

      Dear participants,

      We wanted to inform you that the first Virtual Exchange Meeting on featuring Geonode for emergency preparedness and how to improve capacity's to protect nutrition status of mothers and children in times of crisis and emergencies, was a success and we wanted to thank all the participants that followed this meeting yesterday.


      In order to keep developing this series of knowledge exchange according to your needs, we would appreciate if you can take the time to answer this short survey:


      Please find below all the information related to the virtual exchange:

      - Link to the Recorded version of the virtual conference: http://worldbankva.adobeconnect.com/p55s4sg4zj6/

      **Our colleague Bishwa Raj Pandey is the second presenter (Open Data for Decision Making: Using Geonode for Emergency preparedness and DRM), starting around the minute 25.00.

      - Full story about the launch of SLINGhttp://go.worldbank.org/W6IM9NBVZ0

      - Video link about the launch and use of SLING: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=n4qhIvm5HBI

      - Caribbean open data Community of Practices: https://collaboration.worldbank.org/groups/caribbean-open-data-management

      - Mega Disasters Community of Practices: http://wbi.worldbank.org/wbi/megadisasters

      Thank you for your participation!