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    Remote Sensing Sources and Availablity

    C4D Explorer

      Hi All,


      Concerning new for new topics of discussion or presentations, I was wondering if any of the 'community' had input, advice or expertise in the field of Remote Sensing products and its availability for the Caribbean region.


      There is apparently an abundance of Remote Sensing data available from many sources. Weeding through the mass of internet information to get what is needed could be very time consuming and difficult to find exactly what you need. NASA is a great source for example, but may need specific access for their inundating amount of data. There are as well as other free ones (sites/agencies) with images but may not be of our region, or interest. For example, most satellite images of the Caribbean have heavy cloud cover; some agencies may have "cleaned-up" images that may help with analysis.Basically, I would like to propose a webinar featuring a Remote Sensing guru who could give a walk-through of free or affordable subscription sites and sources of data, that are available of the Caribbean or similar region types. It would save us time as well as open our eyes to sources and data unknown.


      Any feedback on direction or additional input or support for this notion? I am interested to hear from the community.


      Thank you


      Philip Hippolyte

      St. Lucia