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    Posh (areas in) Ahmedabad to bear higher parking fees

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      The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is increasing parking fees in posh areas of the city by linking parking fee to property prices. Interesting to note the reactions reported by the paper.


      You can read the news story here (also pasted below):

      Posh A’bad to bear higher parking fee, News - Latest - Ahmedabad Mirror,Ahmedabad Mirror



      Posh A’bad to bear higher parking fee

      AMC plans to factor in real estate rate while imposing parking charge across city; residents fear difference will drive people to park on roads, increasing traffic woes
      Hemington James (Ahmedadabad Mirror)

      If you live in western Ahmedabad, be ready to shell out more to park your vehicles in public spots. A h m e d a b a d M u n i c i p a l Corporation is coming up with a new policy in which parking will be decided on the basis of property prices. This means parking your vehicle in Bodakdev, Satellite or Jodhpur will become costlier than parking it in Bapunagar, Odhav or Vatva.


      The policy, which will be put in force within six months, will be applicable to buses and trucks first. Later, it will be extended to SUVs, jeeps, cars and two-wheelers, say highly placed sources in AMC. Confirming the news, Municipal Commissioner Guruprasad Mohapatra said, “The more developed an area, the higher the parking charges. We will begin with trucks and luxury buses before extending it to two- and four-wheelers.


      “We have drawn up the plan to discourage people from parking on the roads, and promote public transport. In cities like London, Paris and Singapore, 75 per cent of the population use public transport. We have a long way to go but we are making organised, futuristic plans for the city.” He added, “Once the blueprint for this policy is ready, it will be sent to the standing committee for approval. It will be implemented in coordination with city traffic police,” he said.


      According to officials, apart from Ashram Road, C G Road, University Road, Vastrapur and Bodakdev roads, pay and park facilities will be available on some model roads and BRTS mixed corridor. Private operators will be roped in to collect fee and maintain the parking space. However, Amdavadis expressed their reservations about the idea. Nirav Parmar, intern doctor with Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, strongly objected to the idea, saying, “AMC should ensure uniformity in charge wherever parking facility is available. AMC has other sources of earning which it should rely on.


      Even with uniform parking charges, contractors are fleecing vehicle owners by charging a higher rate at places like C G Road, Kankaria or Roopali Cinema. If separate parking charges are levied across the city, it will be hard for people to keep track of the fees and it will be easier for contractors to con us.” Vastrapur resident Mansi Shah said, “Parking is a big hassle in the city. The policy may discourage some from using their vehicles, and use autorickshaws or public transport. This will be a positive influence. However, it could also push people to park in posh areas to avoid paying higher fee.”