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    For Info: WISIONS - New SEPS Call 2013 on Pico and Micro Hydro Power in S/SE Asia

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      SEPS Call 2013 on Pico and Micro Hydro Power in S/SE Asia


      - Deadline 30 September 2013 -

      WISIONS has launched its call for SEPS applications on the topic of "Pico and Micro Hydro Power in South and South East Asia".

      New SEPS Call:

      Starting this year, WISIONS initiative is introducing a new structure to SEPS, its supporting scheme. From 2013 onwards, SEPS calls will target specific regions
      and specific technologies. This will align SEPS with the WISIONS regional partnerships and networks. As a result of this change, instead of one annual global call,
      SEPS will now launch 2 to 3 regional and technology-specific calls per year.


      In addition to supporting technical project implementation, SEPS also supports knowledge exchanges within the target region.


      The first SEPS call in 2013 focuses on the region of Southern Asia and South East Asia and on pico and micro hydro power (P/MHP) technologies.


      The deadline for submission of applications is 30th September 2013, 4pm GMT.


      Find more information on the application process, background and criteria here: SEPS Energy Projects - WISIONS of Sustainability


      For more information, please contact.

      Julian König

      on behalf of the WISIONS Team



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