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    TERI's Webinar (Recorded) on 'Smart Mini-Grids'

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      TERI has organized a webinar on 'Smart Mini-Grids: Innovative, Intelligent Solutions for Today's Electricity Shortcomings' on 6th August 2013, which received an overwhelming response from the participants. Dr. Parimita Mohanty and Mr. Alekhya Datta, shared information about the Smart Mini-Grid and answered live questions that were received from the audience during the webinar.


      Recorded Webinar Web-link: Webinar on 'Smart Mini-Grids' - YouTube


      Distributed Generation-Based Smart Mini-Grid (SMG) System Using NI CompactRIO and NI LabVIEW: http://sine.ni.com/cs/app/doc/p/id/cs-15019


      TERI's Smart Mini-Grid (SMG) System Brochure: http://www.teriin.org/events/SmartMini_Grid_Brochure.pdf


      TERI's Smart Mini-Grid (SMG) System @YouTube: http://youtu.be/L9s-uzo9Irc

      Off-Grid Solar PV Power Plant Monitoring and Assessment (TERI-SMA): http://youtu.be/pMXZ5VddLmI