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    Basic Energy Bond stategy for 10 millions of the Europeans living Off-the-Grid

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      Please help 10 millions of the Europeans living off-the-grid permanently or temporary due to poverty (homeless, jobless, unemployed),

      disconnected from the grid due to technical condition of the premises

      or disconnected from the grid by the utilities using highly sophisticated accountancy procedures to generate virtual debt

      (not delivering EU consumers with precompleted payment forms), generating alleged debt

      since precompleted energy payment form is the only way to have your energy bill paid and payment registered.


      Suggested solution and technology ( discussed with 2 legal firms)


      Basic Energy Bond -  Insurance to get uninterrupted access to the grid

      and have paneuropean utility operator to replace removed energy meter with paneuropean meter.


      Millions of disabled, sick, elderly Europeans base their health standard on uninterrupted access to a doctor, on-line medical services via Internet, phone

      (eHealth, TeleMedicine), EKG remote monitoring.


      Food stored in a refrigerator disconnected from energy supply is wasted, subject to disposal.


      If your home, flat gets disconnected from the grid and you are away, abroad, your security, monitoring system is down, and your property is

      prone to theft.


      At the same time Europe has surplus of electrical energy and UK utility has plans to deliver energy on Saturdays for free

      since hundreds of industrial wind turbines off-shore generate energy off-peak time when business, manufacturing, office premises are closed.


      Please let me know your opinion.