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    CIFAL Scotland's e-learning course: Renewable Energies for Developing Countries

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      CIFAL Scotland is happy to announce the second round of REDC e-Learning course in partnership with UK University of the Year 2012 University of Strathclyde to be conducted through the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) Virtual Learning Platform.This programme, on which you will find more information through this link,aims to attract energy/sustainable development officers, decision/policy makers from local governments, community planning officers, economic development officers as well as representatives of service providers (private sector specialists, NGOs, community businesses) mainly from sub Saharan Africa, South East Asia- as 2/3 of the participants of UNITAR on-line courses come from these regions.


      The content has been developed within the framework of the SE4ALL Global Action Agenda and its three key objectives to be achieved by 2030 - advance universal energy access, greater energy efficiency, and increased use of renewables. The learning activities are based on UNITAR’s sound adult learning pedagogical principles,
      which allow participant to deepen their skills and knowledge as well as provide them with the opportunity to network and dialogue with other participants, sharing country specific experiences and good practice in sustainable energy. Recognized experts from the University of Strathclyde, a world leader in renewable energy, will be moderating the course.


      Within their assessment activities participants are required to work with a case study where they can apply their knowledge practically, which accounts for 50% of the final grade. The basis of the case study scenario is the creation of a sustainable energy plan focused on participants’ region/country.

      Our intention is to run this course twice a year for the next few years and keep adapting it as we move this critical agenda forward. We clearly see this programme falling within the area of knowledge sharing and developing human and institutional capacity for faster renewable energy application across the world.

      This information is shared on behalf of CIFAL Scotland. Please find out more about it if you are interested: