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    How have you seen cities engage citizens in climate governance?

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      Following our webinar Citizen Engagement to Support Climate Governance on May 14th (Recording available HERE) : The presentation files are available HERE and HERE for the MENA Energy Award presentation.


      We would like to invite you to contribute information or case studies of stakeholder engagement – that go beyond mandatory public consultation requirements – in the context of urban climate governance, such as:

      • Co-creation of climate strategies and action plans (within the context of durable urban/climate management systems)
      • Collaboration to realize urban infrastructure projects that explicitly aim to climate-proof and/or reduce lifecycle carbon emissions
      • Working with the urban poor (and other stakeholders) to find solutions that mainstream climate change into provision of basic services
      • Behavioral change programs to mobilize non-governmental actors to reduce GHG emissions or build resilience to climate change (initiated by local governments or others)
      • Advocacy led by cities to change international and national policies or regimes that undermine green growth


      If you know of particular cities that are engaging with cities in these ways please send us the details (however limited) and we will follow up with the cities for more information.

      Anne Arquit Niederberger