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      Welcome to the Gender and Energy Community of Practice (GECoP)! We are very glad to have you as a member of the GECoP.


      The GECoP aims to bring together people from around the world to share experiences, emerging tools, available resources, and knowledge on Gender Equality and Energy. Beyond Energy Access, House Hold and Rural Electricity, the platform will introduce themes like Large Electricity Infrastructure, Clean Energy, Energy Efficiency, Policies, Tariff Reforms, and more that have the potential to tackle Gender Inequalities in the Sector.


      The GECoP also allows members to participate actively in e-discussions and live-chats, upload presentations or reports, inform the community about events and find or keep contact with other members after workshops, e-discussions, online courses, and more among them.


      Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share with us your professional experience, interests, where you are from, and anything else related to gender and energy. Please also kindly make sure to update your profile and upload your photo.


      We hope you will enjoy the GECoP and fruitfully exchange and share with all community members.


      Looking forward to hearing from you


      Thank you,

      Luz and Camila

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          I'm DOSSE  SOSSOUGA President of NGO: Amis des Etrangers au Togo: ADET. I 'm happy to find you. Thank you.

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            I am industrial Engineer and  Technical consultant consultant in  Electricity , Energy   and  LED solutions . I have been working for more than 10 years in Electrical installation systems design and construction .

            Sustainable stainable development requires the involvement of all . Having analyzed the impact of my field of activity on global warming , climate change, health , poverty , natural disasters, I decided to focus my activities to projects contributing to reduction  of  emission of greenhouse gases .

            I believe that  Renewable Energy  and Energy Efficiency practice are "non regret " solutions for  energy access and climate  warming mitigation .

            Mahalmadane Aly Touré





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                Fine, Where are you from ?

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                    Hi ,

                    I am from  Mali West Africa .

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                        Nous serions heureux de vous compter parmi nos formateurs en énergie solaire. Seriez - vous disponible ?

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                            Bonjour  ,


                            je serais bien disponible pour  une collaboration dans le cadre de vos formations .

                            Par ailleurs en  tant que membre  du Réseau mondial IRELP, j'assiste IRENA   à trouver des informations sur  'Education et la formation ( Formations modulaires,  ou cours de collège et université ) en énergie renouvelable disponible au Mali et d'autres pays d'Afrique de l'Ouest.

                            Cette information sera utilisée pour la  base de données de cours de l'IRELP .


                            Si vous avez des informations sur les cours et programmes de formation universitaire / collégial au Mali et en  Afrique de l'Ouest, Veuillez  contribuer au projet en fournissant des informations dans le formulaire ci dessous . Toute information sera très précieuse.

                            Merci  pour une large diffusion à travers vos correspondants par e-mail et à travers les réseaux sociaux"

                            Le FORMULAIRE


                            Mahalmadane Aly Toure




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                      Hi All This is Indira Shakya from Nepal. I am a member of ENERGIA's National Focal Point in Nepal, Gender Energy and Water Network. I am basically a civil engineer with doctorate in economics from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow UK with engineering background.  I work largely in renewable energy and WASH integrating gender aspects in both these disciplines. I have contributed as a technical advisor on sustainable technologies for BSP-Nepal. In this role I have generally provided my expertise design and implementation of project activities. I have had the honour and pleasure of contributing both national and international work on renewable energy, WASH, and climate change and sustainable livelihoods enhancement with gender mainstreaming as the principal a approach .

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                        I am Alvaro HIDALGO, and I am the founder CEO of the startup yiitidi.

                        Yiitidi : Connecting Communities

                        We provide Access to Communications & Access to Energy to those who are isolated.

                        We deliver turnkey franchised standalone hubs: Mobile Towers fed by Photovoltaic mini-plants that also  deliver electricity through PAYG (Micro-Grids) to isolated communities.   Further information is available at www.yiitidi.com


                        Gender & Energy issues are of particular importance for our project, not only from the point of view of demand (households, small businesses) but also from the operational one. Indeed, women are the most affected by blackouts & brownouts and bringing them into different tasks to survey of operations is an concept that we are analyzing (meters inspection, groups for the avoidance of electricity theft etc)