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    What does your commute look like?

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      This is a blog post I originally made for the Urban Transport Community of Practice, but I thought I'd share it with the rest of the C4D community as well!

      Commutes to and from work and other destinations can tell a lot about the local character of a place.  Minneapolis, USA, for example, is relatively small and flat with a very active, outdoorsy culture, making it a prime location for cycling as a means of transport.  In fact, it frequently ranks as the best or second best city in the U.S. for cycling, and a significant portion of the city commutes by bike - especially in the summer months!

      Here is a photo of my commute in Minneapolis - note the on-ramp onto the cycling "greenway" - basically analogous to on-ramps for highways.

      Please share photos of your commutes too - it would be great to see photos of commutes from all over the world, as the C4D community has such incredible diversity!

      P.S.  This post was done entirely with the  Jive App on a smartphone - if you haven't downloaded it yet, give it a try, it's really easy to use.