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    Does anyone know of any researchers involved in transport/greenhouse emissions in Nairobi?

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      Dear C4D Community,

      I have been corresponding with one Mr. Benedict Muyale about some research he'd like to undertake on the transport sector (and government efforts to control it) in Nairobi, Kenya.  Any advice, direction, or assistance would be greatly appreciated -- especially in the form of research partners and qualified academics.  Does anyone have any contacts in the field?

      Here is his last message:

      "We would like to focus on research studies and have policy reviews as well as presentation of findings to government so that this could be useful in planning transport sector. The current study is self funded and the further we manage to progress is presentation in meetings. There is a gap in research for this sector especially with climate emission statistics. Universities would be key partners especially if they send their scholars to work with us. Also international transport agencies. What do you think?"

      Please contact either myself or Benedict Muyale!

      Warm Regards,

      Daniel Kriske